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Walter the Water Saver is an educational hands-on exhibit that depicts all the components of the CT Section AWWA Conservation Kit. The exhibit was created by David Kuzminski of the Portland Water Department in Portland, Connecticut and actually shows how much water can be saved utilizing a low flow shower head, low faucet aerators and toilet displacement devices such as a toilet dam or displacement bags. You can actually flow two shower heads side by side into plexiglass tanks and see the savings. It also has a working toilet on board with window so you can actually see how the toilet devices function.

David is the author of Building a Conservation Plan on a Budget and Building a Conservation Program for a Small Utility and is currently Chairman to the CT Section AWWA. He has presented at Conserv93 in Las Vegas, Nevada and Conserv96 in Orlando, Florida and has pioneered many innovative techniques in the Water Conservation Field. For information on his programs and Walter The Water Saver contact David T. Kuzminski at, or by calling (860) 342-6769. David is also available for educational programs on Water Conservation for utilities or school systems.

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